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So where did this “Wildmen” thing get started?

My name is Daryl Cappon and my beautiful wife of 43 years, Donna, and I were blessed with three amazing sons, Jason, Jarod and Justin.  Watching my sons grow into strong passionate men of God has been one of the greatest joys of my life as they have pursued their separate life journeys with excellence and fervor.

During my freedom journey, I was introduced to a book which had a profound impact on my life.  The book, “Wild at Heart”, was written by John Eldredge, who believes “institutions can oppress a man's heart and keep society from benefiting from his fierce desire to love, do good, fight evil, and go beyond the limits”.

Immediately after reading this book, I had a strong desire to see my boys be wild in their pursuit of God, wild in their passion for their wives and children and wild in their personal, business and ministry endeavors.  Every chance I got, I called each one of them “Wildman” and shared with them what I had learned from “Wild at Heart” and what my heart’s desire was for them as “Wildmen”.  


My son, Justin, kicked the concept up to the next level by creating our “Wildmen” logo on a mug he gave to me for Christmas. 

Wildmen Widescreen.jpg

Watching my sons become true “Wildmen” in every way a father could ever hope and pray for, gave me the inspiration to launch “Wildmen Life”.

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