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my journey

Sitting in the front row of the church was something I had gotten used to.  Being the Worship Leader afforded me a seat in close proximity to the platform.  The seat in the front row didn’t have my name on it but everyone knew it was mine.

On this particular Sunday, however, I wanted my seat to be anywhere but in the front row… preferably in the very back… maybe nowhere in the church at all.  My beautiful wife and children sat next to me as we waited with deep sadness for the pastor to call me to the platform.

Everything inside of me was telling me to get up and run.  I looked down at the faces of my grieving wife and children and became flooded with regret.

I had failed my wife, my children, my church family, my God…

In the midst of my flood of emotions, I heard my name, “Daryl… will you join me on the platform”.  As I stood, I was convinced my legs wouldn’t have the strength to carry me up the 5 steps, but somehow, or should I say, someone, got me there.  I stood next to the pastor as he read the letter my wife and I had written together… 

“Affair… betrayal of family both personal and church… resignation from ministry to receive healing… restoration of my marriage… request for forgiveness…”

I thank God for the restorative power of God’s love… and for my amazing wife who wouldn’t give up on our marriage.  We not only survived but thrived in our relationship since that dreadful time in our lives 25 years ago.  However, I let something more sinister… more destructive… attach itself to my heart and mind in the months and years that followed…


I became convinced I was done… put on the shelf… never to be used by God in any form or fashion.  God couldn’t trust me anymore.  I had blown it.  And for the next 15 years I settled into a life of spiritual obscurity… working only in areas I could reach from my spiritual shelf.

Then God, in His amazing gentle way, led me to Romans 8, “So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus”.  Hey!  Wait a minute!  Where’s the rest of the verse… you know… the part about “who walk not after the flesh, but after the spirit”.  I went looking for the missing part of the verse, only to find the ”who walk not after the flesh” was not in the original Greek but was added by copyists translating the scriptures.  The original scripture put the period at the end of “belong to Christ Jesus.”

No Condemnation!  For those who are in Christ Jesus!  Period!!!

God placed in my heart to stay in Romans 8 until I fully understood He didn’t condemn me, so why should I condemn myself?  For the next several weeks I immersed myself in Romans 8 and began to fully understand the enemy’s plan in attaching condemnation to my life.

Romans 8 starts with “No condemnation…” and ends with “Nothing can separate us from God’s love…”.  If the enemy can plant seeds of condemnation in a person’s heart and mind, he will try to convince them God doesn’t love them or is disappointed or mad at them.  Once this happens, our minds try to figure out what needs to be done to get back into God’s graces.  Unwittingly, we allow the enemy to trade God’s grace for a work’s based mindset, limiting the power of the Holy Spirit to have full control of our lives.  I find it interesting in Roman’s 8, “No Condemnation” and “God’s Love” are bookends for a chapter containing the most references to the power of the Holy Spirit in one’s life than any other chapter in the Bible.  No wonder “Condemnation” is one of the biggest tools in the enemy’s arsenal.

As I began to catch a glimpse of the destructive spirit of condemnation in my life, the Lord confirmed what he was teaching me through two messages presented by Joseph Prince on this exact subject. I have included links to these messages below along with other valuable messages which I found extremely valuable in my life and the lives of others I have come in contact with who are wrestling with condemnation.


Dive deep into Romans 8 and listen to these messages below. Let’s kick the enemy’s butt and send condemnation back to hell where it belongs.

Be a Wildman in your freedom from condemnation!!  We were born into Gods kingdom to live wild and free.   I’m here for you!  Drop me a note on my Contact Me link or give me a call so we can talk or pray together.


There is freedom, my friend, from condemnation.


Daryl Cappon


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