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Listening to the Right Voice

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

I hear voices inside my head...

Not actual voices... but... well... voices. Now before you go call the mental hospital and schedule a ride for me in the country, I should explain.

These contradicting voices started last Saturday when I returned home from men’s breakfast at church. I had just spoke at the breakfast to a group of men about being a Wildman free from condemnation. Actually... on the way home, I heard the voice, “You don’t belong there... speaking to men...”, “You talked way too long”, “You never made your point to several stories”, “It’s been 25 years since you last spoke... you probably should wait another 25 years before you speak again”.

Then Monday, I picked up my wife at the airport from her miraculous trip ministering to women in Florida. She was very sick and having a hard time breathing. The voice... same song... different verse... “Why are you praying for healing for others... you can’t even pray healing for your wife”.

I pushed the voice back inside my head and strained to hear the voice of the Father. In his love, He even used others in my life to speak His voice out loud to me...

I pushed that voice back too...

The final straw... on Thursday, we received a call from the family we went to minister to in Waco, Texas two weeks ago, giving us a report on the precious lady we prayed over and anointed with oil for healing of cancer...

She died...

The voice... same song... different verse... “you must be stupid to think your prayers would bring healing”, “what a waste of time and money to go there”, “and look... you made your wife sick in the process”...


I know who you are, you scheming demon of Doubt and Unbelief! I’m not putting up with you anymore! Get out of my head!!!

Okay Father... I’m listening...

“Speaking to the men last Saturday? I was looking for your obedience. The content of your talk were my words, not yours. Full of love... full of power... setting men free from condemnation. What they do with my Word is not your responsibility... it’s there’s.”

“The family in Waco? I didn’t commission you to heal... I commissioned you to love. You are my instrument of love and power... to speak my words of life over them. What they do with my Word is not your responsibility... it’s there’s.”

“Your wife is full of power and is commissioned to bring oxygen to my body through her words, through my oils, laying her hands on the body of Christ to bring life. The enemy is trying to rob your wife... my child of her oxygen. I’ve commissioned you... empowered you to kick the enemy and his demonic hoards out of her life... out of your life! I’ve given you my Word to declare over her. What you do with my Word is your responsibility!”

“My power is released through praise."

"Enter my gates with thanksgiving; go into my courts with praise. Give thanks to me and praise my name. If you trust in Me you will find new strength. You will soar high on wings like eagles. You will run and not grow weary. You will walk and not faint.”

Thank you, Father... I praise you... I worship You! I hear your voice and won’t listen to the voice of a stranger.

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