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What a Day May Bring

This past Monday...

I listened to Donna‘s side of a conversation she was having on the phone. The caller was a client reaching out to my wife on behalf of her mother in the midst of a battle with cancer. For the past 12 years, Donna has been successfully standing along side of cancer clients through prayer, essential oils and emotional release. Word has spread of Donna’s passion for setting captives free from many physical attacks and the caller on the phone was asking for her assistance. The caller was from Waco, Texas and asked Donna if she would be willing to come and minister to her mother.

6 days later...

I am sitting on the back deck of a beautiful ranch in Hewitt, Texas writing this blog. Donna is inside sitting with this precious warrior who is in the fight of her life as Donna strengthens her to stand on the Word of God and trust Him when He says, ”By my stripes, you have been healed... as I am, so are you in this world”. The essential oils and releasing emotional trauma in a person‘s life are the tools God uses in Donna’s hands along with the words she declares over a person to bring healing in all areas of a persons wellbeing.

My role here in Hewitt, Texas is to be God’s prayer warrior to pray with and for Donna, to stand in the gap... to be the front and rear guard in the battle against the enemy’s vicious attack on this amazing lady and her beautiful family! No weapon formed against them will prosper!

If God calls you...

Are you willing to go? There’s a battle raging folks and God needs us to be his hands and feet to stand in the gap. God’s already won the battle. We’re here to take back the ground Satan has illegally taken from us... from our family... from our churches... from brothers and sisters in Hewitt, Texas.

James 5:16 tells us...

“The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results“. Since Donna posted yesterday we were headed to Texas, we have had 126 likes and 97 comments to be praying for us and for our new warrior friend. Now that’s what I’m talkin about! Friends and Family standing in the gap for us. The enemy is defeated. The chains of death are broken. We are not settling. We are victorious. Hallelujah!!!

I love kicking the enemy where it hurts!

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