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Because That’s What Fathers Do!

My phone rang on an early spring day in 1985...

My wife, home with two sick boys, asked me to pick up our oldest son, Jason, from school. He was in the 2nd grade and didn’t know I was coming to pick him up. As I arrived at the school, I noticed he wasn’t in his usual place. After being informed by the curbside attendant he was walking home with some friends, I followed the route I figured he would take and made it most of the way home without spotting him.

Then, just ahead...

I noticed a skirmish going on behind bushes at a nearby house… boys aggressively beating and kicking something on the ground. No… it wasn’t something… it was someone… my son, Jason! I raced into the driveway and jumped out of the van, running as fast as I could towards the bushes. Jason, with his coat and hat ripped off, one shoe missing and books on the ground, looked up and reached out for me with a crazed, frightened look in his eyes as I ran towards him.

When the other boys saw me coming...

They scattered. Jason, on his hands and knees covered with dirt, couldn’t stand on his own. As I picked him up and helped him get stable on his feet, I brushed him off, put his coat and hat back on, helped him to the van and took off down the street as the attackers ran into their house. I jumped out of the van and met the mother at the front door as the boys ran past her. After telling her what had happened I returned to the van where my son sat crying and brokenhearted wondering why his “friends” would do this to him. I comforted him and assured him all would be fine. I would always be there for him, looking and watching out for him, whenever he needed me.

Because that’s what fathers do!

Today, you may find yourself at a place in your life where all seems hopeless… all seems lost… and you feel like the enemy has you down, beaten and defeated. Maybe you’re at a point where choices you have made have brought you to where Satan has knocked your spiritual armor off and it’s lying scattered on the ground. So weakened and battered, you no longer have the spiritual or emotional strength to stand on your own.

God, your Heavenly Father has seen the attack…

Looking and watching for you at every turn… and is kneeling beside you now. He wants to brush the emotional dirt from you and wipe the tears from your eyes. He wants you to be assured all will be fine. He has chased the enemy back to his camp and has provided strength and comfort to get you, His precious child, back on your feet. Just look up… reach out to him… let Him provide love, strength, guidance and support. He will always be there to pick his children up when they fall.

Because that’s what Fathers do!

2 Samuel 22:31 God’s way is perfect. All the Lord’s promises prove true. He is a shield for all who look to Him for protection.

Psalm 17:7 Show me your unfailing love in wonderful ways. By your mighty power you rescue those who seek refuge from their enemies.

Psalm 34:19 The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time.

Psalm 59:9 You are my strength; I wait for you to rescue me, for you, O God are my fortress.

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