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My Wife and the Butcher Knife

Coming into the house the other day, I was met by my wife Donna, talking to her sister, holding a butcher knife in her hand. She wasn’t fixing dinner… she was holding it up like she was preparing for war. I must admit, the name “Loretta Bobbitt” briefly flashed through my mind, but I convinced myself we were on good terms… at least we were before I went outside.

“What’s with the butcher knife”, I gingerly asked.

“I’m waging war! On tomato worms”, she said, waving her knife in the air. Come on out! I’ll show you what I’m doing to them.

So… following her to the tomato garden, I found a dozen cut up tomato worms on the deck next to the garden. She went up to the tomatoes, found a tomato worm, plucked it off, laid it on the deck and started whacking away at the thing like a samurai warrior. She seemed pretty intent on not letting them live to see another tomato leaf.

Interesting enough, I have seen my wife carry this samurai warrior mindset into the spiritual. Four different times in the past couple of weeks, I have heard her say to a client, relative or friend…

“That spirit of rejection, when it pokes its head up, cut off its head in the name of Jesus…”

“That spirit of jealousy…”

“That spirit of offense…”

“That spirit of condemnation…”

All of them are currently wondering around the spirit world with their heads cut off in the name of Jesus.

Our enemy goes about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he can devour, but he’s also the father of fear, so we know he is a fearful lion… easily chased away by the word of our testimony and the blood of the lamb. Resist him in the faith. This is our defensive strategy. Cut his head off and tell him to “git”. If he tries to poke his head back up in your life, get your sword of the spirit out and “Do the Donna” on him.

Interesting note… all the cut up tomato worms were all gone in the morning… no remnants whatsoever. Keep whacking away at the enemy’s worms until there is nothing left. You have the power and authority.

Whack away.

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