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The Rock and Three Cell Phones

My Wildman Dad was at it again this week! His most recent escapade involved a rock and three cell phones. Sounds dangerous, doesn’t it? For me? I try to keep my cellphone as far away from rocks as I can. Dropping it on a rock… or dropping a rock on it… neither one ever results in a happy ending.

So here’s the scoop…

My mom and dad were enjoying a quiet breakfast on their front deck leisurely looking over their beautiful front lawn featuring a couple of mom’s flower beds. One of the flower beds housed a very big rock in the back… not just a simple rock put there with a shovel… I’m talking about a rock placed there with earth moving equipment… namely Dad’s 4-wheel drive tractor with a large hydraulic bucket on the front.

“You know? I was thinking….” A simple phrase the entire Cappon family has come to fear and dread. “I think I’m gonna go down there today and move that rock for you, hon”. Oh… I forgot to mention… my parents both just turned 90 this year! So off he goes to the barn to retrieve the tractor.

Now we find my dad having successfully picked up this huge rock with the bucket of his tractor. Then comes the decision on where to put it. This is where the first of three cell phones come in. Dad calls the neighbor at the end of his driveway to see if the neighbor lady would like a beautiful rock in her landscaping. The daughter answers the phone, then proceeds to call her mom at work on cell phones number two and three. Mom wants the rock, but wants to instruct my dad as to the exact location to drop this monstrosity. So… with cell phones number two and three connected together with the Facetime app, the neighbor lady directs my dad on the tractor exactly where to place the rock. First drop was a fail… too close to the house, but using Facetime, she was able to instruct my father into a gentle roll of the rock to the exact position.

My 90 year old dad using Facetime to deliver a rock… never saw that coming.

This week I had a rock enter my cellphone existence by way of a text. A well meaning individual felt it was important to send me a text which contained several disparaging items he “believed” God had showed him about my weak, flawed character. At first glance, it felt like a rock had been dropped on me… smashing my cell phone messaging app to pieces. But then, taking a second look at what had been texted to me, I began to laugh. I had just been asked to consider a significant move into a ministry position at our church and I recognized this as the enemy trying to get me to pull back and say, “No”. It was also a reminder there is no room for pride or fear of man in the direction God was taking me. God didn’t send the rock, but he used the text message to move me precisely into the position he could use me to glorify him for the Kingdom and not myself.

Don’t be afraid of the rocks God lets come crashing into your life. Let them position you for greater influence for God’s glory and for his purpose to bring love, hope and life to those he sends your way.

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